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Family Involvement

Myron Gonzales, moccasin making demonstration

Family Involvement: The Key to Success

The academic success of a San Ildefonso Day School student is often the result of a strong family support system. Family involvement is a prerequisite for anyone seeking to prepare and empower the future leaders of this community. Teams of parents/guardians, siblings, extended family, and community members are valuable assets to many students throughout the various stages of the learning process. From early childhood through grade school education, families are presented with several opportunities to contribute to the success of a San Ildefonso Day School student by simply getting involved.

Two young ladies standing outside with their great grandmother

Family involvement is key to your child’s success. We enjoy it when our parents are active participants in their child’s educational journey. San Ildefonso teachers, staff, and specialists look forward to meeting the parents/guardians, family members, and loved ones who are most important to our students. The most critical life lessons are taught by those who are closest to a student, and these same valuable lessons will help guide them inside the classroom.

We love reaching and teaching our students, but we know how important family involvement is for academic achievement. If you’re wondering how you can get involvement with San Ildefonso, don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher. Our educational program presents many opportunities to get involved, such as,

  • volunteering at the school, 
  • attending Parent/Family nights,
  • attending open houses,
  • and much more.

San Ildefonso Day School encourages all parents/guardians to make a habit of reading with/to your child. Parents and teachers make great partners when they combine their efforts to guide students to the next academic level. Parents/guardians, families, and community members all play a role in a student’s success. Be a part of your young Warrior’s educational journey.

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