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San Ildefonso Day School introduces Kindergarten classes to the new, fun, and engaging world of academics. By the 6th grade, students grow into the Warrior scholars of a holistic and nurturing learning environment. Our young Warriors enjoy unique life, academic, and cultural experiences that help them blossom into the future leaders of our Pueblo.

The San Ildefonso Day School Warriors are borne out of a unique heritage, culture, and history. Our educational program takes them on an academic adventure where they are supported academically, emotionally, and socially. San Ildefonso Day School keeps students’ eyes on achievement while developing the life skills and talents they will take to the next grade level.

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Holistic Learning & Tewa Language Literacy 

Our Warriors are educated using a holistic approach to their physical and mental development. The individual student’s health and wellness includes efforts to maintain emotional, social, and cultural well-being. Students engage with and learn from their native community of educators, tribal leaders, peers, and family members who shape their identity and support their ability to reach their maximum potential. Students keep our Pueblo’s Tewa language alive with native language learning as part of their curriculum. While gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for their own culture, these dual language-speaking students grow adept at studying new languages and cultures and improving their global awareness and communication.

Students using computers.

Warriors on the Rise

San Ildefonso Day School is a community of learners and educators who are making a commitment to excellence. Warriors care about their education, their school, and their classmates. This means that they know and understand that there are standards of behavior and a code of conduct which must be followed. Our goal is for all Warriors to get promoted to the next grade level and to rise above obstacles or hurdles in their way. 

Together, we take this journey to a new world of experiences. Every Warrior has the right to receive a quality education in a safe and supportive learning environment. Any student impeding the learning process for their classmates will be removed from their class. San Ildefonso Day School students reach new heights by taking responsibility for their education, academic achievement, and embracing their native language, community, and culture.

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