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School Board

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The School Board for San Ildefonso Day School is a partner-in-education. The academic achievement, development, and progress of all students require the participation of every parent/guardian, teacher, and community member. The people who students encounter throughout their learning process will have valuable insight, interaction, and impact on their individual success. The goal of the governing school board, acting as one unified body, is to represent the best interests of all students by initiating, approving, and funding effective academic, cultural, and social improvement programs. 

Collaboration, communication, and connection are critical to every student’s progress and will enhance the overall efficacy of San Ildefonso Day School’s learning process. All citizens are encouraged to stay involved and fully engaged with San Ildefonso Day School Board through the public and open forums where members of the community provide valuable input, feedback, and cooperation, as well as active leadership. The Board is in constant pursuit of perfection in learning processes that ensure student and community elevation. 

The school board supports the learning processes of all K - 6 grade educational organizations within Pueblo de San Ildefonso districts. All citizens are encouraged to stay involved and fully engaged in the public and open communications between school board leadership and members of the community.

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