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Health Services


Student health and safety are top priorities for San Ildefonso Day School administrators. While we maintain safe campus playgrounds, hallways, and classrooms, we are also committed to protecting and enhancing the physical health of every student. This protection comes in the form of regular examinations and check-up, as well as a variety of health programs.

Kids sitting at a table eating health food.

Healthy Kids Program

“The Healthy Kids Program” is provided to the students through our partnership with the Pueblo de San Ildefonso. The program teaches students about healthy lifestyles, and how to make best choices regarding your diet, nutrition, and overall health. Students learn the importance of physical activities, as well as the importance of eating healthy and nutritious foods. In addition, CHR personnel comes to the school twice per year to take students’ height, weight, and BMI measurements.

“I Can” Program 

We also work with the Santa Fe County “I Can” program. Students are introduced to many fruits and vegetables through taste testing. Students also learn about the nutrients each fruit and vegetable possess and the importance of the nutrients. Many students benefit from the exposure to healthier food options with which they would not otherwise be familiar.

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