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School Bus

San Ildefonso Day School is happy to provide its young Warriors a daily bus ride to school. Our single bus travels its route each morning according to a pre-determined bus schedule. Students must be waiting at their designated bus stop at least five minutes before the bus’s arrival. Bus drivers will not be making any unscheduled stops. However, if your child misses the bus, they will be allowed to board at the next scheduled stop.

Any changes to the scheduled pick-up location must be approved in advance by the Principal and the bus driver. Students should remember that riding the bus is a privilege. Repeated violation of any of the bus rules will result in a student’s suspension from the bus. Students should read and agree to all bus rules before riding. The bus driver will assign a seat to every bus rider. Refusal to sit in the assigned seat is a violation of school rules.

Stop Location



White Sands6:504:20
Deer Tail7:153:55
Battle Ship7:203:50
South Side7:353:35
Black Mesa7:503:20
Tunyo Po7:553:15

Afternoon drop off times will be adjusted once “After School” Programs begin. Listed times may vary depending on traffic and weather conditions.

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